Two Weeks Notice – Louise Mackey

I am sick.  My head is pounding and my body is going from hot to very hot at minute intervals (quite an impressive feat considering I have the air con blasting out at a rate that could counter act global warming).  Perhaps this is my body’s way of telling me to slow down…or it could be the fact that I spent all of Saturday at Six Flags theme park, braving not only the horrendously terrifying roller coasters but also the elements, continuous and unassailable rainfall.  My sudden lapse of health which has left me bedridden, isolated and out of the WIP bubble has really illuminated the fact that in two weeks I will be home…

At first this thought aggravated my already overwhelming migraine but as the effects of the blessed Brufen tablets, which my mother thankfully packed for me, kicked in so did a realisation, a moment of enlightenment.

I am so lucky.

That is my reality.

Any sadness I have in leaving DC is as a result of my fortune.  I have had the best summer of my life.  First of all it is hard not to revel in the knowledge that people have put faith in you and genuinely believe in you so much that they put you forward to represent Ireland and to represent WIP, a program which is held in such high esteem that I have received a congratulatory letter from Alan Kelly, Minister of State at the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport.  The height of my new found contacts does not stop there.  Deirdre O’ Connor, managing director in the Investment Management Division of Goldman Sachs New York offices, Dotty Lynch full time professor of Public Communications at AU and Tom Wright, a fellow at the Brookings Institution in the Managing Global Order project are only but a few inspirational and genuinely interesting and interested people that I have had the privilege of meeting.  I will not allow myself to be saddened at leaving this new professional world, instead I am going to make sure I bring it home with me.  I will seek advice from them throughout my masters in taxation, which I commence in September.  My masters is something I had completely forgotten about amongst the hustle and bustle of WIP and I am happy to say that the nerd within me (clearly visible…there is no need to dig deep) is thrilled at the opportunity to learn more and become the tax queen that my fellow WIPers think I am.

Losing the friends I have made whilst here is another worry that I have. I am so lucky to have met such absolutely great people here –genuine, thought provoking, smart, fun, funny, giddy, (the list is so long) people.  However my friends at home are amazing too, just the best.  The prospect of juggling my old friends with my new friends, all of whom are dispersed all over the country  was something that was worrying me…until I thought about my worry…that I have too many fantastic people in my life?  I will make the time for all, I won’t let either slip because I can’t, nor do I want to!

I will leave DC in two weeks with so much more than what I came with…more friends, confidence, experience, knowledge of myself and where I want to go and how to do that…no tan though (shocker).  I am so lucky and appreciative…my failing immune system sends its regards.