Philip O’Callaghan reflects on halfway through WIP 2012

As we have passed the half-way point in this incredible journey I cannot help but be excited that I only have nine more internship days left to sweat in my suit as I walk to my work placement. If I am being honest this whole lovely heat wave is getting to me. As you leave the house in the morning you are nice a fresh after a cooling shower. You are ready for whatever the day may throw at you. Two minutes later as you approach your first uphill battle of the day your heart rate begins to quicken in pace and you can feel it coming on….the flood gates have opened, your top lip is sweating and so too is your forehead. You haven’t even reached the half-way point on your journey to work and already you feel like getting a taxi. You make it eventually to the Metro station; you jump briskly onto the Metro hoping for a cool air conditioned car. You cool off slightly and you get yourself ready for the 2nd leg of your journey too work, for some reason this leg isn’t as bad as the first. You make it to work and here the opposite happens. You cool off nicely and then around 11am until 5pm you freeze as the air conditioning blows straight over head. Never happy I know, all I want is a medium temperature not too cold and definitely not too hot. By the time 8pm comes and the WIP events are finished you have given into the idea and thought that every part of your body is sweating, you accept it and get on with it, only to realize the extent of the matter when your back in the safe confines of your bedroom.

So much can be said about the week spent in New York City, in fact everything has been said by my fellow colleagues, however I want to share a quote that I feel sums up the time spent with Louise Little during our, ‘Life Mapping’ exercises and that is, ‘the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart” – Helen Keller –
We have returned as it were to some sort of normality, the Broadway experiences of Evita and Mary Poppins are but just a memory, a great one at that. We have just over two weeks left in DC, two weeks in which to make the most out of every opportunity. If someone could rewind the clock for me I would I feel make better use of my time and energy at functions, but alas that is not the case. All I do know is that I am going to ensure that throughout every day I am going to push myself that bit more.  There are a few key functions coming up over the next two weeks, ones that I am really looking forward to attending.
As I look out the office window on this dark muggy but extremely hot Wednesday afternoon I cannot help but think that I am going to get extremely wet on my way to the Irish Embassy and it is pouring down outside. The fast pace of New York I feel has taken its toll. The effects of sleep deprivation are kicking in hard. It seems as if you just put your head on the pillow at midnight after completing all your work for the next day and the alarm goes off at 6.30am. In saying this I will have enough time to sleep in August!
Here is to the next two weeks and the experiences they may bring.