Olwen Sheedy – Thoughts from Times Square

This week has been a seriously significant week for the WIP class of 2012. NYC stripped away the suits and exposed the real people that stand behind them.

This week in NYC we as group have reflected on our experiences so far. We have each been given the opportunity to find our voice within the group. We have shared our stories…our journey to WIP, our experiences of the program so far (both good and bad), and our aspirations for the future. We have shared secrets in some cases and we have shed tears.

This evening as I sit and write a blog on the red steps in the centre of Times Square, I have found a peaceful space amongst the pure madness. The world is buzzing around me but right now at this moment I am on my own and I am content. I am thinking back on all of the stories that have been shared this week. By some stories I was saddened, by others I was shocked and by some I was inspired. I respect and admire the 29 students who with me form the class of 2012. I will be forever grateful for this wonderful opportunity and I look forward to a reunion in NYC in 2022!