Rebecca Dwyer – 5 days in

5 days in to the WIP Program of 2012 and Rebecca Dwyer is finding it hard to find the words for her first week.

Day 5 in DC and I am delighted to finally report that I have settled in well, as I think most, if not all, of the other WIP interns have also. My host family is absolutely fantastic. Through Facebook, emails and telephone calls, I felt like I knew them before I even landed in the US which meant the real ice was broken before we met in person last Saturday. During my first day or two, I felt so welcome. Now that I have been here five days already, I feel at home. That is not an easy thing to do so I would like to say a BIG thank you to José, Leslie, José and Simon for doing such a brilliant job.

I must confess that this is, in fact, my third attempt at writing this blog post. For the passed three evenings, I have sat down in front of my laptop only to jerk awake an hour or two later and find myself half way through an unfinished sentence. The reason for this is that we have, without a doubt, hit the ground running since arriving here four days ago. Without a minute to spare, we have already been introduced to people such as Patrick Burke, DC Police Chief, Mark Shields and E.J. Dionne, two critically acclaimed political commentators and retired Congressman Jim Walsh as well as being taken on private tours of world famous buildings such as the Capitol and the Library of Congress. I have learned to navigate the Washington DC Metro system and I spent an entire morning at the incredible Newseum which wasn’t nearly enough time to appreciate all of the enthralling exhibitions on display. We have had Project Management Training by Kevin Laudano, Senior Executive at Accenture and been taught how to budget and track our expenses by Certified Financial Planner and President of Warner Financial, Barbara Warner. And all of this against the backdrop of one of the most beautiful, political and unique cities in the world.