We’re Coming To America (Thank you Neil Diamond)

Chris Day gives us the view from 38,000 feet.

No better place to write my first blog than at 38,013 feet travelling at 506mph over Newfoundland en route to Washington DC. The energy, enthusiasm and of course, the nerves are tangible among the group. (The crowd from Belfast, however, is also showing early signs of fatigue due to their 05:00am start).

After a thought-provoking and challenging two days in Kippure Estate during the week, the scene was truly set for an exceptional summer. We delved more into the theme of difference and explored the challenges facing the Island of Ireland in the future. One particularly interesting topic discussed was the educational system in Northern Ireland, which currently has a number of different curriculums and schooling methods. This has certainly given us food for thought to keep us going for a while!

Our placements and host families were allocated a number of weeks back and I could not be happier. I have the privilege of interning at the Embassy of Ireland, topped off with a fantastic host mom and dad, Deb and Kurt, who have kindly taken me into their home for the summer.

Like the other 29 interns, I have been given a huge opportunity and I suppose it’s natural to be a little anxious. I can only do my best and remember that Albert Einstein once said ‘a person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new’.

I’m so excited to meet my host family and really get this Washington Ireland Program experience underway. I can see Nova Scotia, which means only two hours to go – I better prepare myself!