The Experience Has Started

Philip O’Callaghan on being invited to join the Class of 2012

So the interview was completed, I could do no more. As I walked back to the DART I began to question my performance, had I done my best, was I given the opportunity to express who I really was. The exact details of the interview came flooding back, I realised that maybe I wasn’t vocal enough, maybe some of the other people at the interview had performed better, however I knew that there was now nothing that I could do and I would just have to wait.

The email arrived on the stated date, but I was in a meeting, I felt so nervous and I just wanted to open the email however I knew that this would be extremely rude in the meeting so I excused myself and stepped outside to read the email. My eyes where skipping up and down the email I wasn’t reading it properly and I had to tell myself to calm down and read it slowly. As I did this I began to realise that my summer was about to get so much better. I was accepted onto the Washington Ireland Program, Class of 2012.  I returned to the meeting with a new found energy to get things done and with a beaming smile on my face.

Thus the Facebook status and the Twitter account was updated and floods of well wishes came through; at this point I was coming around to the idea that I was extremely lucky and privledgd to be a part of the class.

There was so much to do, so many things to think about, so many questions to be answered. The first task was completing the Bio, how do you not feel embarrassed when writing about yourself who knows. I awaited the announcement of the other classmates to see who they were and what amazing talents they would bring to the table. I was overwhelmed when the announcement was made; I began reading through the Bios and could not but have a feeling of awe of these leaders of today.

The first steps of my journey had begun, I was a part of a brilliant group of people and I was so looking forward to the months ahead.